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This is a cooked meat with a unique flavor and texture. It is mild tasting and great for sandwiches or delicious on its own. Capicollo is a delicious meat that has become one of our more popular products over the last decade, find out why today!

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Cooked Capicollo Hot and Mild

Using Geno’s unique blend of secret spices Hot and Mild Capicollo have a taste all their own. whether you are looking for something mild or a little zing, Capicollo is delicious for any meal.  Product Details...

Lean, Smoked and Natural Casing Capicollo

These great Capicollo products have been crafted to your liking. From smoke house taste to a leaner delicious style, we strive to put perfection into every bite. One taste of Capicollo and you'll want to try them all.  Product Details...

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